Each account holder registered on Mobilefriends can create one to many SMS and Mobile Internet services. Here are a few examples from the various possibilities:


Share the news about your favorite club with other supporters.

Sports associations

Your are in charge of a team and you wish to inform the players about cancellations or delays and spare them unnecessary journeys.


Inform other supporters about place and time of forthcoming meetings.

Culture and Music

Your are part of a music band, dancing or acting class, and you wish to inform others about reschedulings.


Inform all parents when a teacher is missing, about the school and end year party, etc.

Games and Computers

Send information to the members of your guild or share your knowledge about computer bargains.

News and Politics

You wish to inform other members of your party about what's new without causing cost for your party.

Practical Life

Send news to your neighbourhood regarding local news and events.

Non Profit

Share information about upcoming meetings without causing cost for the association.


Each time a new blog entry is posted, your readers can be informed immediately.


Inform your fellow students about reschedulings, missing teachers and upcoming parties...


Send your favorite joke to your friends each day.